Enthusiast Magazine

Chateau Elan’s Enthusiast Magazine takes readers beyond the welcoming façade of lush vineyards and verdant courses, to offer an exclusive peek behind the curtain. Through these pages you will meet some of the talented team members who work to bring our beloved resort to life, each offering a unique perspective and skill. Looking to strengthen the connection between our resort and guests, this publication offers content that inspires readers to learn, grow, and embrace in our shared love of travel. Because now more than ever, we firmly believe in the positive impact of travel.

man roasting a marshmallow over an open flame
woman sitting at bistro table with ice cream cone
man holding the and of a woman in front of a trolley car
hotel check in desk with painting and flowers on table
three women laughing and holding up wine glasses
steak with knife and scatter vegetables on wooden barrel
man pouring drink at bar
spa building overlooking a pond with gazebo
woman in robe holding a tray of spa products
wine vineyard with vines on wooden posts with sunrise in background
food on bistro table with bottle of white wine and glass
house on a grassy hill
woman sitting with two dogs on a couch