Team Building

Through team-based activities and the facilitation of experiential learning at Chateau Elan in north Atlanta our staff will guide your group to new heights as a community while breaking down barriers, encouraging the development of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, and inspire you to view challenges and failures as opportunities for learning and growth.  Explore a variety of exciting Teambuilding events and activities below.


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Featured Teambuilding Events

The Grape Race


The Grape Race is the ultimate team building event at the Chateau Élan Winery.  This hilarious assembly of challenges is the perfect way to enforce workplace dynamics and illustrate the power of team work.  This is a series of events, culminating to a race to the end while embracing the elements of collective thought and humility. 

The Grape Race starts at the grape launch.  Teams are divided in half where one part of the team will gather and launch as many grape clusters as they can over to their team mates who wait to catch the precious fruit by some rather unconventional means.  You only have a few minutes to catch as many grapes as possible before moving on to the next challenge.

Teams race over with their coveted grapes to the next challenge where a half barrel awaits.  Teams load their fruit into the barrel and begin stomping away, straining as much juice from their bounty as possible.  Teams are to fill a carafe, catching each drop of precious nectar until the carafe has been filled to the line and then it’s on to the next challenge.

A wine tasting awaits our groups as they are to taste wine from a traditional Spanish Porron.  The trick is entrusting your teammate with good aim as they are in charge of the service!  First team to finish their Porron moves on to the next challenge.

The next stage of the race is the cork tower.  Teams convene to stack the corks to the proper measurement as the pressure mounts with the finish line just in sight.  The team who completes their tower moves to the final leg of the race! 

The finale to the Grape Race is Corsa Della Botti, a traditional Italian barrel race.  The first team to roll their barrel across the finish line has won the Grape Race!!  To the victor go the awards! 

Pricing:  $500 Set-Up Fee and $35 per person.  Maximum 20 people per race.  Larger groups can be accommodated with consecutive races.  Attire is athletic wear, tennis shoes are highly recommended.  Goggles and ponchos are provided.


Skip Barber Racing School

Drive Your Way To Success ... Healthy competition breeds enthusiasm, energy and excitement. What's better than a team building event at a world famous race track? Entertain your top clients, prospects or employees with custom event crafted by the talented Skip Barber Corporate Events team.

Create an experience that will last a lifetime, make everyone a safer driver and build a dynamic environment to say thank you, close a sale or foster camaraderie within your team. Every program is different and will be tailored to fit your needs, wants and objectives.

Getting Started with Skip Barber ...



DreamBuilding, the next level of team-building and motivational events that strengthen and make a lasting, positive impact on your team and your world.

Examples include Public Family Programs, Wildlife Care, Build-a-Bike, Trail Building, Green Awareness, Adopting a Family in Need, and TOMS Shoes. Plus many others that can be tailored to meet your team's goals. Learn more...

The Mysterious Art of Fragrance

Experience what Kings and Queens of Europe have revered for centuries, the secret art of making fragrance. Revealed to you by a master parfumeur trained by GALIMARD, the oldest parfumerie in France, established 1747. Spend the afternoon/evening designing your own 20 ml custom bottles of fragrance to take home. Master blending artists will guide you through the process of choosing your best fragrance family followed by your choice of over 137 essences to select what truly becomes your personal chemistry. After designing your signature scent you will have the opportunity to name it and truly make it your own. Minimum of 6 people, maximum of 100. $75.00 per person.

The Tipsy Canvas Workshop


Inspire your team and bring them together for some creative fun. Spend a fun filled afternoon or evening of painting and fine wine in the Chateau Elan Winery. Each painter will be supplied with a 16" x 20" canvas, paint brushes and paint.  Château Élan Estate Bottled Wine will be served for your group to enjoy while painting. During this team activity, your group will receive instruction from an art expert while sipping on wine and developing team "culture". Each painter will have their own masterpiece to take home and admire. It is strongly suggested that attire be something that you won't be worried about getting paint on. Aprons will be available upon request.

A 14 day cancellation notice is required. All skill levels welcome. Event takes approximately 3 hours. $65.00 per Person (10 person minimum required) Additional wines, cheese and crackers and other appetizers can be added for an additional fee.



Teambuilding Activities

Golf Scrambles

Enjoy some fun on the fairways with Chateau Elan’s Golf Scrambles. Not only will you help strengthen inter-personal relationships or build positive reinforcement in the work place, but you can improve your golfing game as well on one of our championship courses.
We can arrange golf tournaments and scrambles to fit whatever your group's preferences may be. In addition to golf scrambles, we can also organize putting and chipping contest, as well as individual or group lessons from our professional golf instructors.

Par 3 Energizer Challenge

The Par 3 Energizer Challenge is a golf-focused team building activity designed for anyone, including first time golfers. Goups are divided into 2 or more teams and compete against each other to win prizes. Each of the 9 holes in the Par 3 course feature different and creative challenges for each team.

Included with the Par 3 Energizer Challenge:
Use of the Executive Par 3 Course. Rental Clubs, Golf Balls, and Equipment necessary for all challenges. Professional assistance from our staff including setup of contests and scoring. Course Setup Fee: $250.00, $40.00 plus tax per person; (Minimum $320.00)

Available at an Additional Expense:
Beverages: A beverage cart will be provided upon request. Beverages may be charged to a master account on consumption or paid for individually.
Prizes & Tee Gifts: Prizes and tee gifts will be determined by the event planner based on the total number of paicipants, number of prizes desired to be awarded, and budget. Chateau Elan Golf Club offers a fully stocked proshop with a wide variety of merchandise for both men and women and will gladly assist with prize selection for your event.

Night Golf Experience

There’s nothing more fun for your group than golf after dark! Play 8 holes in a scramble format on our Executive Par 3 Course. The longest shot is 115 yards so even the novice golfer can participate.

Night Golf outings include:

  • Use of glow in the dark golf balls
  • Glow in the dark identifier per person (i.e. Necklace)
  • Golf clubs appropriate for night golf
  • Course setup including glow flagsticks, tee markers, and directional guides
  • Shuttle service from last hole to first hole
  • Use of flashlights
  • Tournament support

Due to special supplies, equipment, and staff, a guarantee of the final number of players is required 7 days prior to the event date.
Start time will be coordinated with your sales manager and will vary depending on the time of the year. It is best to begin play when it is completely dark.
Please allow approximately two hours for play. Rate is $40.00 per person, plus tax (minimum of $750.00)

Available at an additional cost: Prizes, Beverages, and Snacks

Questions: (678)425-6019 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tennis Mixers

For the tennis enthusiast, our Tennis Mixers provide the perfect challenge. Improve your game while having fun in the process. Our impressive Stan Smith tennis center and our Professional Tennis Instructor will work with you in coordinating the type of competition you’re looking for. We provide an opportunity for individuals of all skill types to compete and have fun at the same time. Lit courts for night time play are also available.

Wine Making Workgroups

We pour everyone a glass of wine to get the fun Team Building off to a good start, and then we divide the large group into smaller wine making teams. You and your winery team are pitted against up to 4 other winery teams by competing for points at 5-different Wine Challenge Tables. At one table everyone has to identify common wine scents from small vials. At the next table you blend your own wine, and then at another you create your own label, and so on. Points are awarded by the Wine and Label Judges chosen from within your own ranks. Since the labels are often designed to be hilarious, fun is had by all when a member from each group presents and explains their label creations to the whole group. One of the teams will be awarded the winner, will it be yours? A minimum of 15 people is required to participate. Cannot be booked before 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays or Sundays due to public tour volume.

Indoor Team Activities


We offer various activities that help groups create a stronger team. Some of our most popular activities are the Mine Field and Murder Mystery. Each activity takes an hour.



Mine field - The group establishes a partner, blindfolds them and leads them into a field of obstacles. Trust and communication is learned with this activity.

Murder Mystery - Everyone is divided into small teams that compete to solve the murder of Mr. Merlot. Team member learn how to problem solve and decision making together.

Outdoor Team Activities


We offer various activities that help groups create a stronger team. Some of our most popular activities are the Chateau Hunt and Zig Zag. Each activity takes an hour.

Chateau Hunt - The group is divided into teams to search and find the answers to questions pertaining to the Chateau Elan property. Teams learn strategies in organization and attention to detail.

Zig Zag - In Zig Zag the team tries to figure out how to get from point A to point B with limited resources. The group learns how to work as a team through communication and rely on others for help.



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