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Mus­ca­dine Wines

About the Mus­ca­dine Grape

Often called “America’s First Grape,” mus­ca­dine grapes thrive in hot cli­mates of the south­east­ern United States. This unique envi­ron­ment makes them spe­cial in their abil­ity to heal them­selves from dis­ease, bac­te­ria, and fungi that often plague Euro­pean grapes.

Many nutri­tion­ists have found mus­ca­dine grapes are loaded with more healthy com­pounds than other much-​touted foods such as blue­ber­ries, goji berries, green tea, red wine, and dark choco­late. Mus­ca­dine grapes and their seeds are one of nature’s best sources of antiox­i­dants and pos­sess anti-​inflammatory prop­er­ties. Com­pared to other grapes, mus­ca­dine grapes have 40 times more resver­a­trol — the polyphe­nol found in red wine that is proven to ben­e­fit car­dio­vas­cu­lar health, blood sugar lev­els and the aging process.

Mus­cadry: From the mus­ca­dine vari­ety called CAR­LOS, this wine is entirely made from Geor­gia grapes. The bou­quet is exotic, intense, and com­plex; the taste pro­file is vibrant, full, and ele­gant. It is an excel­lent expres­sion of the char­ac­ter of our state’s grape! Made in a style never seen before, it was aged in French bar­rels for 4 months to become an off-​dry white wine that can be sim­ply sipped on the patio as well as paired per­fectly with fish, sushi, and other light style foods. 12% Alcohol.

Pink Mus­cadry: This rose ver­sion is made from the mus­ca­dine vari­ety called NOBLE: dark berry that cre­ates a wine with the same aro­matic pro­file as the clas­sic mus­ca­dine. It went through the same process as the MUS-​CADRY, with only a vari­ance on the sweet­ness level. This Pink ver­sion has 2.5% of resid­ual sugar, just slightly higher than the Mus­cadry. The bou­quet is very fruity with accents of trop­i­cal fruit, and it tastes deli­cious. Per­fect in sum­mer with fish, pizza, and fresh sal­ads. 12% Alcohol.

Dun­can Creek: Made with the same high stan­dards of our clas­sic dry white wines, this light bod­ied sweet wine is from 100% Geor­gia Mus­ca­dine Grapes. The bou­quet has notes of fresh grapes, pineap­ple, apri­cot, and mango with accents of lemon grass. Sweet and crisp, it’s a true clas­sic and exotic Geor­gia Mus­ca­dine Wine. 12.5% Alco­hol, 6% Resid­ual Sugar.

NEW: Dun­can Creek Red: Dun­can Creek Red is our ruby red sweet wine crafted from the red mus­ca­dine vari­ety called NOBLE. This Geor­gia grown grape under­went a metic­u­lous wine mak­ing process to cre­ate a pre­mium wine with an exotic bou­quet and is the ideal com­pan­ion for your next cook­out. Serve chilled and enjoy! 12.5% Alco­hol, 6% Resid­ual Sugar.

Sum­mer Wine: The same pre­mium pro­file as Dun­can Creek, this pop­u­lar and excit­ing mus­ca­dine wine has a clean and clear essence of peach nec­tar. A charm­ing sweet wine to be enjoyed any­time of the year! 12.5% Alco­hol, 6% Resid­ual Sugar.

Spring Blos­som: The same pre­mium pro­file as Dun­can Creek, this rose mus­ca­dine wine will enliven your senses with the unique essence of fresh straw­ber­ries. A nice clean and crisp taste to be enjoyed any­time of the year! 12.5% Alco­hol, 6% Resid­ual Sugar.

Autumn Blush: The same pre­mium pro­file as Dun­can Creek, this delight­ful light bod­ied wine exudes a light red hue as lovely as its clean and crisp taste. It fills your mouth with del­i­cate and pleas­ant rasp­berry notes. A per­fect wine for any­time of the year! 12.5% Alco­hol, 6% Resid­ual Sugar.

Pre­mium “Fin­ger­print” Edi­tion Wines

Les Petits : An even blend of Petit Ver­dot and Petit Syrah, this opu­lent wine is strong, deep and very rich. It is intense and highly struc­tured, deliv­er­ing lay­ers of nuances from a tex­tured mouth feel to a smooth fin­ish. It is only for true lovers of bold red wines.

La Bar­bera : Made from 100% Bar­bera grapes, this is a tra­di­tional Ital­ian style wine. It is the most vibrant and food-​friendly of the trio, boast­ing high alco­hol and acid­ity. This wine is sure to enchant your taste buds with its unique­ness and abun­dance of character.

El Tem­pranillo : This wine is rem­i­nis­cent of a per­fectly exe­cuted har­mony. It is crafted from 100% Tem­pranillo grapes, mak­ing it strong, ele­gant and very bal­anced. It shows a great vari­ety of notes with a vel­vety tex­ture and tan­nin struc­ture that never ends. The Tem­pranillo is one of Spain’s envied national trea­sures, and Chateau Elan is proud to offer a per­fect exam­ple of it for a lim­ited time.

White Wines

Chardon­nay Reserve : 100% from Chardon­nay grapes, fer­mented in stain­less steel and aged for 6 months in oak: 50% in new French bar­rels and 50% in neu­tral bar­rels. Despite the smooth­ness imparted by the bar­rel aging, our chardon­nay is very vibrant and crisp. Very bal­anced, with a medium body and deep fin­ish. Ele­gantly oaked, it shows all the nuances of the Chardon­nay vari­eties with a back­ground of toasted sweet vanilla. 13.5% Alcohol.

Pinot Gri­gio : Pinot Gri­gio is one of the most famous and pop­u­lar white wine, my ver­sion is very aro­matic, with fla-​vors of lemon grass, arugula, and cit­rus. Crisp and refresh­ing, it is dry, very min­eral, with a medium body. From grapes grown in Yolo county in Cal­i­for­nia, it pairs beau­ti­fully with seafood dishes, pizza, grilled chicken, and lob­ster, as well as light cheeses or pasta. 13.8% Alcohol.

Sauvi­gnon Blanc Reserve : Very aro­matic and exotic, our Sauvi­gnon Blanc has rich fla­vors of grape­fruit, nec­tarine, lemon­grass, and green apple. It is vibrant on the palate with bright acid­ity and a smooth fin­ish. It pairs per­fectly with chicken or turkey as well as seafood such as tilapia, sea bass, had­dock, trout, and shell­fish. 13.5% Alcohol.

Belle Reserve : Blend between 7 vari­eties (VIOG­NIERMOSCATOSEMI­L­LONVERDEJOTOCAJCHARDON­NAYMUS­CA­DINE), pre­dom­i­nant grape is the Viog­nier, every­thing else is in equal % in the blend. This is an aro­matic bomb, 0.5% resid­ual sugar, smooth and ele­gant. Strong fla­vors of corossol, banana, and grape­fruit. 13.5% Alochol.

Moscato D’Asti D.O.C.G : A true Ital­ian wine, made for us by our twin win­ery in Pied­mont, Italy, and avail­able only here at Chateau Elan. Slightly sparkling with dis­tinct notes of peach and orange blos­soms. It is per­fectly tem­pered by the fresh­ness of its refined bub­bles, accom­pa­nied by hints of elder­berry and wis­te­ria, with a sweet white fruit fin­ish. 5.5% Alco­hol, 10% Resid­ual Sugar, this is the only and orig­i­nal Moscato D’Asti.

Brut Reserve: Our Brut Reserve is a method charmat sparkling wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes harvested in 2013.  It really tastes like the famous Italian Prosecco! Light, fresh, very fruity, and perfect for all occasions. 12% Alcohol.

Red Wines

Dolce Rosso: Made from the extremely rare Bra­chetto grape vari­ety, this wine is made exclu­sively made for Chateau Elan by our twin win­ery in the Pied­mont region of Italy. Aro­mas of fresh roses great the nose as a del­i­cate sweet­ness meets the palate. Made in the friz­zante style, this slightly sparkling wine is sure to not dis­ap­point from start to finish.

Pinot Noir Reserve: 100% from Pinot Noir grapes, it is medium gar­net in the glass; it smells of green herbs, bright flow­ers, and wet dirt with a hint of red berries under­neath. In the mouth it exudes fla­vors of green herbs and for­est berry fruit that are fan­tas­ti­cally bright and juicy. 13.5% Alco­hol, 0.1% Resid­ual Sugar.

Mer­lot Reserve : This clas­sic style Mer­lot shows notes of smoked pep­per, sweet tobacco, and dried straw. Despite its tannin-​forward nature, this wine is silky, smooth with a fin­ish that lingers on the palate long after the sip. Pow­er­ful and full bod­ied, our Mer­lot shows just why this vari­etal is one of the top in the world. 14.5% Alcohol.

Vel­vet Reserve : Com­plex yet easy going, this Zin­fadel and Tan­nat blend can stand alone or pair beau­ti­fully with any meal. Aro­mas of white pep­per, plums, and red fruits dom­i­nate the nose of this wine. Just as the name sug­gests, this light bod­ied wine goes down just like vel­vet, prov­ing per­fect for any occa­sion. 14.5% Alcohol.

Port Ris­erva: This is a ruby style Port. Young, fresh, fruity, vibrant, and strong, this port bal­ances the resid­ual sugar with a high acid­ity level that works superbly with the high alco­hol con­tent. Deep ruby red, intense nose and full bod­ied, you can enjoy it now or 20 years from now. 18.5% Alco­hol, 8% Resid­ual Sugar.

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