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Going Green

Your Guide to Château Élan’s Green and Environmental Initiatives

Mission: For Château Élan to be a part of the world-wide effort in becoming more environmentally efficient and aware by implementing a Green Initiative while maintaining luxury standards and keeping our guest’s comforts our first priority.

Why? Entering our main gate everyday is a constant reminder of how beautiful our surroundings are and supplies us with the motivation to maintain our property. By taking the steps to become more environmentally aware, we hope to also be a good influence on our community and the hospitality industry. This is not just a phase or idea for Château Élan; this is an initiative that everyone is a part of.

What is Château Élan currently doing to become Green?

New Projects

There are now eight electric vehicle charging stations available for visitors at no cost, with the exception of valet parking charges. Six of the chargers are designed specifically for Tesla vehicles and two are universal chargers that may be used with all other electric vehicles.

New, more efficient Dyson electric hand dryers are installed in many public restrooms at the Inn to conserve paper waste.

Conservation Projects

As part of our recent LED project the Inn, Winery, and Conference Center now boast a total of 3,294 LED energy saving light bulbs.  Each bulb uses 10W of power versus the standard 60W and are warrantied for 25,000 hours of use.  While in operation a total of 164,700 watts are now being conserved through the use of new LED technology.

Many restrooms now also feature motion-sensor lighting to automatically conserve electricity.

Towel and Linen Program

There are tent cards in each guest room on property stating that guests can hang wet towels to re-use them or leave them in a pile on the floor if they would like them changed. We also change the sheets every three days unless the guest signals otherwise. If the guest does want the sheets switched daily, they simply leave the tent card on the bed.


Waste Pro is providing one-stream recycling dumpsters for the Hotel, Winery, Golf, and Paddy’s Pub. This means all recyclables (office paper, newspapers, magazines, cans, bottles, plastic, glass, small cardboard containers, etc) can be intermixed into these new containers. These are serviced weekly.

Cardboard only dumpsters have also been provided and will be serviced weekly by Waste Pro. These are located at the Hotel, Winery, and Paddy’s Pub.

Additional Plastic and Aluminum Recycling – Thanks to the initiative of pro-active Golf staff members, a system of plastic and aluminum recycling is now in place for all cans and bottles used by Golfers and Golf Tournaments.

Recycling efforts in place at Golf Maintenance

Used tires – All used tires are returned to the vendor for recycling.

Used oil from machinery and vehicles – All used oil is contained and picked up by Universal Environment for recycling. Empty oil drums returned.

Anti freeze – Contained and picked up by Universal Environment for recycling.

Oil filters – Recycled by Universal Environment or Jones Recycling Inc.

Scrap steel – Hauled to Jones Recycling Inc. yearly.

Used fertilizer pallets – B & M pallet company picks up for recycling.

Tree debris – Dead or fallen trees are removed and ground into mulch to be used on foot paths or natural areas throughout the property.

Equestrian Center shavings – Portion recycled by Southern Landscape Supply for compost. Remainder is beneficial for breakdown at landfill.

Recycled water – Provided by the Town of Braselton to use as irrigation water for golf courses.

Water Conservation Devices – We currently have toilet and sink water conserving devices installed in ten guest rooms. If we do not experience any pressure issues, we will install these devices all over property.

Purchasing – Managers are currently switching to more eco-friendly products when ordering. For example, Paul Deboer is in charge of ordering paper for marketing materials, and is gradually switching all paper products ordered over to at least 30% post-consumer recycled.

Eliminating Waste – We are trying to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary magazine and catalog subscriptions. If one of these items comes in the mail, we call the company and politely ask them to quit sending them or if it is something necessary, ask if it can be emailed in digital format.

Who is making sure that Green can happen here at Château Élan?

Ultimately, the entire staff at Château Élan is a part of the Green Committee and each person is required to participate.

Each department within Château Élan is coming up with ways to conserve paper/eliminate waste. If you see anything that can be done more efficiently, please let us know. For example, where ever capable, documents that contain multiple pages are printed front-back to save paper, or margins are adjusted to fit more onto one page.

On-going Research and Goals

• Aluminum, glass, and plastic recycling
• Compact Fluorescent Lighting
• Composting
• Light sensors for guest rooms

Tesla Destination Charging Stations

Chateau Elan Winery & Resort is excited to collaborate with Tesla to provide Tesla owners complimentary charging stations.

Tesla’s Destination Charging program provides convenient charging at premium destinations around the world exclusively for Tesla owners. Their charging technology can add up to 58 miles of range per hour of charge for visiting Tesla owners. We are proud to be a charging partner of Tesla’s and contribute to the pursuit of sustainable transportation.

The Tesla Destination Charging stations are offered across the Destination Hotels collection from coast to coast. To learn more please visit Tesla Destination Charging.