Harvest Update from Winemaker Simone Bergese


Now that the 2018 harvest has come to an end I wanted to thank you for your support of Chateau Elan and send you a quick recap of the season plus some exciting things to come!

The harvest in Georgia started on the 13th of August and ended 18th of September with our estate grapes, reaching a record this year of 118 tons!

As always, Muscadine grapes in Georgia never let us down. The 2018 vintage was remarkable for the great yield, flavor profile and overall quality of the fruit.

The generosity of this variety made me think that there will be future potential for some additional wines other than the classic and beloved sweet Muscadine wines.

Coming the first 6 months of 2019 — some phenomenal, unique and limited edition Muscadine port as well as delicious sparkling Muscadine wines.

As far as all our classic varieties from California, we are grateful the horrible fires in California did not impact our vineyards and the 2018 harvest will be remembered as one of the coldest and longest harvests I have ever experienced.

We started on the 1st of September with the Pinot Grigio and we finished on the 7th of November with the newest variety I am working with, the Italian Teroldego.

Right now I still have grapes in the tank fermenting which is unusual for this late in the season. Regardless of this trend, our western vineyards produced some top quality grapes which will allow me to keep the quality of all our wines at a great level. So while the 2018 vintage is aging and evolving, we are bottling the 2017 red wines and some new Fingerprint collection pearls that soon will be available.

The best part is that we are unveiling a completely new bottle and label look in 2019!

Back in March, we started the redesign project while collaborating with one of the country’s best wine label design company in Napa (CF NAPA brand design).

The results are amazing, I am sure you will love them as much as I do!

Lastly, you might have heard that something really special will be available by Christmas! The unique Pineapple Sparkling Wine I made for us in the island of MOOREA next to Tahiti in July 2018 is now crossing the ocean on a boat ready to be delivered on the 3rd week of December. To reserve your Pineapple Wine please fill out the form HERE.

Special thanks to my team, John, Johnny, Shane, Carrie and Matthias for the great efforts. Without them it would not have happened.

To sum it all up, great grapes + great wines + great new packaging + great new additions and surprises = LOVE AND HAPPINESS for what we do everyday here at the winery.

I can’t wait to share it all with you all!

Simone Bergese

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