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Est. 1984

Château Élan Winery

We are honored to now offer over thirty wines and produce half a million bottles each year. Forged from amazing partnerships and now under the direction of winemaker Simone Bergese, Château Élan Winery is one of the largest wineries on the East Coast with the largest distribution in Georgia.

Our History

From Humble Roots

Originally founded by Don & Nancy Panoz, the idea of Château Élan Winery was first planted in 1981 after the visionary couple visited Georgia and tasted indigenous Muscadine wine.

Muscadine grapes were widely available in several vineyards in Georgia, therefore the couple, together with their team of experts, decided to experiment in growing the classic vinifera varieties as well.

Vintage after vintage, the microclimate of the Georgia location proved insufficient to grow the classic vinifera varieties such as Chardonnay and Merlot that are not native to America.

Many years passed and it is with the arrival of the current Italian executive winemaker and owner of the winery Simone Bergese that a radical change was made. No more experiments and no more failures.

In 2012, the vineyards were replanted with the native Muscadine grape. He planted two varieties, Carlos for the white grape and Noble the red.

In order to expand the wine program and offer premium reserve wines in addition to his award-winning Muscadine, Bergese started a second Reserve Wine Program based on classic vinifera varieties grown in several different vineyards in California.

Knowing that very high quality grapes were grown in one of the best world’s wine areas, Bergese leveraged his expertise to see out only the best grapes available. He now oversees farming and harvest for those vineyards. Once ready, those varieties are hand-picked and transported whole cluster in refrigerated trucks across the Country to make amazing wines right here in Georgia.

In addition to the Reserve Wine Program, the winery also decided to offer some exclusive and rare limited production wines coming from overseas. Bergese started to collaborate and consult for three outside wineries. Two are Italian wineries from his birthplace in Piedmont, Italy that produce our Moscato and Dolce Rosso. The third winery is the amazing Tahitian Winery Manutea, which produces Brut Ananas, a rare Tahitian pineapple sparkling wine, exclusive to Chateau Elan Winery.

From humble beginnings, Chateau Elan winery is now honored to offer over 30 wines and produce half a million bottles each year. Forged by amazing partnerships and now under Bergese’s direction, Chateau Elan Winery is one of the largest and most awarded wineries on the East coast with the largest distribution in the State of Georgia.

Grape to Glass

Our Philosophy

Because of our belief that having the natural grape components preserved, whenever possible, we do not filter or stabilize our wines, and we never use fining agents. The results of this process is to create healthier wines, with the respect of the integrity of the grapes and the expected quality level. The sustainability of the process would be meaningless if the final product does not meet his standards.

Simone is insistent that his current way of making wines, while appearing to conventional winemakers as too simple and hazardous, is in effect the results of endless trials and over 20 years of hard wine works, observations, and revisions. With over 20 millions bottled produced under his direct control, he is confident that this is the natural and proper path to follow.

Our result is sustainable, healthier, and superior quality wines.

From our vine

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