Nail Care

spa-nail-care-iconKeep your cuti­cles cute. They say noth­ing gives away your age like your hands so it’s a good idea to make sure they are look­ing as pam­pered and per­fect as they can be. Our nail tech­ni­cians are skilled in the art of man­i­cures and pedi­cures as well as other spe­cialty hand and foot treat­ments. Let us pam­per your hands and feet with any of our fab­u­lous nail treatments.

Sea­sonal Man­i­cure or Pedicure

Pep­per­mint Bark Bliss Win­ter
Man­i­cure $55++ or Pedi $70++, 50 Minutes

Dip your dig­its into a warm bub­bling bath as our candy cane cham­pagne soak soft­ens and soothes your skin. After a mois­tur­iz­ing sweet cream-​scented sea salt scrub, a lux­u­ri­ous layer of choco­latey good­ness full of vit­a­mins and enzymes will pam­per and pro­tect your skin. Finally, before your prep and pol­ish begins, a relax­ing mas­sage with our sweet cream body milk helps to shed dry win­ter skin. Best enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa (or sub­sti­tute a glass of bub­bly) and a choco­late treat. Cheers to warm­ing up to winter!

Ser­vice Price
Eupho­ria Pedicure 80 min $95
Caber­net Hot Stone Pedicure 50 min $65
Chateau Spa Pedicure 50 min $55
Men’s Foot Grooming 50 min $55
Gel Pol­ish Manicure 50 min $55
Cham­pagne & Choco­late Caviar Manicure 50 min $55
Cham­pagne & Choco­late Caviar Pedicure 50 min $70
Caber­net Hot Stone Manicure 50 min $50
Bour­ban MANicure 40 min $45
Château Spa Manicure 40 min $40

Nail Care Enhancements

Only avail­able dur­ing a nail care treatment.

Ser­vice Price
Anti-​Aging Hand Treatment $20
Gel Pol­ish or Removal $15
Nat­ural Paraf­fin (Hands or Feet) $15 each
French Pol­ish $10
Shape N Paint $25

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