L’Auberge Lounge

L’Auberge over­looks the Atrium at the Inn, and serves a range of light snacks and din­ner items.

L’Auberge has a relaxed sports-​bar atmos­phere with large screen tele­vi­sions, and pool tables. A full bar with a wide selec­tion of beers, cock­tails, spir­its, and wines is available.

L’Auberge is open on Fri­day and Sat­ur­day nights to reg­is­tered hotel guests only.

A small stage and sound sys­tem pro­vide long time musi­cian and sax­o­phone player Melvin Banks the oppor­tu­nity to per­form a vari­ety of live music on Fri­day and Sat­ur­day nights.

Melvin Banks plays a vari­ety of live music Fri­day & Sat­ur­day Nights 9 p.m. — 12 a.m.

L’Auberge Lounge Menu

L'Auberge Cocktails

All menus are sub­ject to change and availability.

L’Auberge Cock­tail Menu

Sun­set at the Inn
Stoli Vanilla, Pineap­ple juice, grenadine

Chalet at the Chateau
Godiva, Espresso Vodka, Crème de Cocoa

19th Green
Vodka, Midori, sweet & sour, pineap­ple juice

Wash­ing­ton Apple
Crown, Apple Pucker, Cran­berry juice

Geor­gia Peach
Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Peach puree

Élan Blue
Abso­lut Berri Acai, Blue Cura­cao, Sweet & sour & Sprite

Very Berry
Cham­bord, Cran­berry, champagne

Mint Choco­late Chip
Bailey’s, Crème de Men­the, Crème De Coca

360 Choco­late Mar­tini
360 Dou­ble choco­late Vodka, Crème de Cocao, and Bailey’s

Orange Cos­mopoli­tan
Grey Goose Orange, Triple Sec, Cran­berry, lime juice

Vodka, Triple Sec, Pineap­ple juice, champagne

Banana Cream Pie
Banana liqueur, Bailey’s & cream

360 Sor­rento Lemon vodka, Sweet & sour & fresh squeezed lemon

Pama, vodka, splash of sour mix and pineap­ple juice

Sour Apple
Vodka, Apple Pucker

Grey Goose L’Orange, Mal­ibu coconut, 3 juices, Triple sec

L’Auberge Sig­na­ture Cocktails

Tokyo Tea
Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, midori and sour mix

Nuts and Berries
Frangelico, Kahlua, cham­bord and cream

Le Mans
Coin­treau, vodka and soda

Amaretto, Triple sec, Sweet & sour, orange juice

Cham­bord, pineap­ple juice & vodka

Old Fash­ioned
Knob creek, bitters,sugar, soda water

Werther’s Orig­i­nal
Crown and But­ter­scotch schnapps

June Bug
Banana liqueur, Midori, Peach schnapps, pineap­ple and cran­berry juices

Cham­pagne Super­nova
Vodka, Gin, Blue cura­cao, cran­berry, sour mix and champagne

Woo Woo
360 Sor­rento Lemon vodka, Peach schnapps, cranberry

L'Auberge Menu


Vidalia Onion Rings $7
Beer bat­tered and fried to order. Accom­pa­nied by House Made Zesty Dip­ping Sauce

Chicken Wings:
8 pieces $8
12 pieces $12
24 pieces $18
A House Favorite choice of sauce: Buf­falo, Teriyaki or Chipo­tle BBQ

Crispy Cala­mari $12
Lightly breaded and tossed in a Peach Pep­per Sauce

Stuffed Pep­per $10
Roasted Piquillo Pep­pers stuffed with Andouille and Hop­pin Johns


Brasel­ton House Salad $8

Mixed Greens with Can­died Pecans, Local Aged Ched­dar and Grilled Peach-​Lemon Vinai­grette

Cae­sar Salad $8
Romaine Let­tuce with Crispy Grit Crou­tons, Shaved Parme­san Cheese and Cae­sar Dress­ing
Add chicken $4 or Add Shrimp $6


Clas­sic Lounge Burger $11
8 oz Ground Beef served with Let­tuce, Tomato and French Fries.
Bacon — $2
Cheese (Amer­i­can, Cheese or Swiss) — $1

Chicken Que­sadilla $12
With Caramelized Onions, Roasted Pep­pers and Mon­ter­rey Jack Cheese

Full Bar and Large Wine and Drink Selec­tion Available

Con­sum­ing raw or under­cooked meats, poul­try, seafood, shell­fish or eggs may increase your risk of food­borne ill­ness, espe­cially if you have cer­tain med­ical conditions.

We can always honor spe­cial requests due to aller­gies, mod­ify dishes to ensure your sat­is­fac­tion. This includes Gluten Free requests, Vegan requests or any other dietary restrictions.

All menus sub­ject to change or availability.

Open 7 Days a Week
Sun­day — Fri­day: Opens 5 p.m.
Sat­ur­day: Opens 3 p.m.
Sub­ject to pri­vate func­tions.
L’Auberge is Non-​Smoking.

Reser­va­tions: Not required.
Phone Num­ber: 678425-​0900 Ext. 6866
Please be aware that L’Auberge Lounge is fre­quently used for pri­vate func­tions, call ahead if you wish to check avail­abil­ity dur­ing your visit.

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