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Employment Opportunities

Château Élan is proud to offer something unique in the world of hospitality. And not just to our guests, either.

We make every effort to ensure that you have opportunities to build an exciting, varied and challenging career. Hospitality at Château Élan is about far more than just serving. It is about a team of people who understand what our guests expect and who know how to meet their requirements in every way, right down to the finest detail. That breadth of understanding is what makes our property excellent.

We firmly believe that opportunities with Château Élan should be exciting opportunities. We want you to enhance your experience and broaden your horizons.

You may view open position and learn more through the Chateau Elan Career Website.

Discover more about the types of departments and the roles they play at Château Élan.

Front of the House

The subtle difference of excellence – the Château Élan Resorts statement of service and quality – is embodied in everything we do.

It is especially important that we live up to expectations in the Front of the House. First impressions count because they last. So we pride ourselves on the way we welcome our guests. We aim to put them at their ease, making them feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk in through the door. If our guests feel welcome, then they’ll also want to feel welcomed back soon. And don’t forget, Front of the House can be a way in for you too. If you have the right sort of personality and you share our commitment to enhancing the hospitality experience, you can learn a lot here. Front of the House is the first and last point of contact for our guests, so your enthusiasm and professionalism will be essential to our business. Succeed here, and you will quickly learn the skills to help you develop with us in the future.

Support Services

Support Services includes a broad variety of functions within each complex. People Development looks after the people who work here.

Engineering looks after the building and equipment. And then there are the other centralized teams such as Accounting or Sales and Marketing that provide a critical service to the rest of the business. So this part of our operation has a vast range of career opportunities. Other integral support areas include Loss Prevention, IT, Audio-Visual, House-Keeping and Laundry.

Each Château Élan complex is run as a self-contained business. So we rely on the quality of our Support Services to ensure that we run smoothly and that everything falls into place at the right time. Whether it is setting up and maintaining the technology behind a business conference for 600 people, or making sure that the rooms are in tip-top condition, Support Services plays a vital role.

Spa, Golf and Fitness

Within the context of hospitality, Beauty, Golf and Fitness take on new meanings. Our people need a much broader base of skills and a much greater understanding of the hospitality industry in general.

So, while our Golf Event Coordinators are passionate about golf, they must be equally passionate about looking after our guests. While our Fitness Instructors must be well-qualified, they must also be welcoming and approachable. We expect our people to go the extra mile; but at the same time, we also give them the support they need to achieve more.

All of our leisure complexes are built around a combination of championship golf and high quality relaxation and spa facilities. The difference with Château Élan is that you don’t feel like part of a chain, you feel part of a team. We firmly believe in giving our guests a low-profile, supportive service. To provide a relaxed, informal management style here, even though we remain uncompromising about the quality of our final product.

Food & Beverage

We believe that the more our people understand about the wider operation, the easier it is to appreciate the importance of their own role within it.

The important thing to remember is that in Food & Beverage and Kitchen, everybody has their part to play. When everybody does their job well, the end result is a team that works wonders for our guests. In all of our resorts, the kitchens and restaurants are characterized by a tangible passion for the kinds of dishes that astonish our diners. Whether it is a large banquet or an intimate meal, we make sure that our chefs have the ingredients to be creative, our servers have the training to deliver the food with style and panache and our guests have the time to savor the whole experience. So in all of our complexes, this is a fast-paced, intense area of the operation where everybody has the opportunity to take on extra responsibility and get involved in different aspects of the work.  It keeps life interesting to say the least.
Don’t forget too, that these positions are right at the heart of the house. So there is no better place to see how the whole operation comes together. People who begin life here regularly find themselves moving into new areas in the future – their skills are so transferable.

Internship Program

Our Intern Program is an investment in the future of the business.

We take people who are committed to a career in hospitality, then we open doors for them. We’re looking for interns from any discipline. You won’t be afraid of hard work, because it takes plenty of effort to get an environment running this smoothly. This sort of opportunity doesn’t come around every day, and that is exactly why it calls for a rare level of commitment and dedication. We want to recruit people who are here for the long term. We want to train people who share our passion for quality, our desire to raise expectations and our view that hospitality is an unrivalled opportunity to build a career.

When we welcome guests to our hotels, we firmly believe that personalized management yields long-term results. We believe in treating our interns the same way. In the first place, you will work in a wide range of departments throughout the hotel, so that you quickly build a mature level of knowledge and you can appreciate more clearly how the hotel works. Then we’ll make sure that you learn all there is to know about customer service, managing a team, running a function and delivering quality. Then, you will be ready to take your skills onward.

You may view open position and learn more through the Chateau Elan Career Website.

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