Win­ery Tours & Tastings

Win­ery Tour & Tast­ing Schedule

Guided Win­ery Tour & Tast­ing includes 5 sam­ples of wine, plus a sou­venir wine glass. $12 per per­son.
No advanced book­ing required.

Mon­day — Friday Sat­ur­day Sun­day
Noon and 3 p.m. Noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m., 5 p.m. Noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m.
NEW: Fri­day Addi­tional Evening Tast­ing at 6:30 p.m.

Pri­vate Group Wine Tours

Advanced book­ing required.

Wine Stew­ard
The unique occa­sion of hav­ing your event at a vine­yard and win­ery is cap­tured with the Wine Stew­ard. Allow the knowl­edge­able and well-​trained mem­bers of our win­ery staff to pour wine at your recep­tion or din­ner. We set up an incom­pa­ra­ble tast­ing bar adorned with Chateau Élan’s award win­ning wines. The stew­ards are highly trained wine afi­ciona­dos who make for a truly spe­cial tast­ing expe­ri­ence in an infor­ma­tive yet casual approach. It’s up to the guests to choose how engag­ing the expe­ri­ence; get a glass and min­gle with peers, or dis­cover the mys­ter­ies of the wine world with the Wine Steward.

$50 per hour, per stew­ard, min­i­mum 2 hours

Deluxe Tour
With the Deluxe Tour, the win­ery and tast­ing bar is all yours! Our well trained mem­bers of the win­ery staff guide you through the winery’s vat room where we explain each step in the wine­mak­ing process. Guests get to tour the vat room amongst tow­er­ing stain­less steel tanks and win­ery equip­ment and then on to the cask room where guests are sur­rounded by beau­ti­ful French oak bar­rels where our wines age for sev­eral months or even years. Then, the group con­venes in the tast­ing room where a pri­vate tast­ing bar awaits. Here, guests will taste 5 of Chateau Élan’s award win­ning wines and be led through an infor­ma­tive tast­ing with their guide.

$15 per per­son, min­i­mum charge $150 if less than 10 peo­ple attend, dura­tion 45 minutes

Exec­u­tive Tour
The Exec­u­tive Tour is an exten­sive pri­vate tour, exclu­sive with our Exec­u­tive Level win­ery staff. This is an in-​depth look at the wine mak­ing process and a fun oppor­tu­nity to learn all the things you ever wanted to know about the world of wine. The Exec­u­tive Staff mem­ber is pro­fes­sion­ally trained in grape grow­ing and wine mak­ing and makes the entire expe­ri­ence truly fun and infor­ma­tive. The tour is fol­lowed by a pri­vate tast­ing of 6 of Chateau Élan’s award win­ning wines.

$20 per per­son, min­i­mum charge $200 if less than 10 peo­ple attend, dura­tion 1 hour

Tour of Geor­gia
Tour of Geor­gia embraces the truly unique ter­roir of Geor­gia. We com­bine our pri­vate tour with the oppor­tu­nity to taste the arti­sanal work of Georgia’s best local cheeses and olive oils, paired with Chateau Élan’s award win­ning wines. Sweet Grass Dairy’s award win­ning cheeses are a proud tes­ta­ment to Georgia’s cheese emer­gence. The only olive farm on the east coast is located right here in Geor­gia and the reviews are amaz­ing as seen in top mag­a­zines and restau­rants across the nation; Geor­gia Olive Farms’ sus­tain­able oils are some­thing to behold!

$50 set up fee and $25 per per­son, $250 if less than 10 peo­ple, dura­tion 1 hour

Winemaker’s Tour
Allow the inter­na­tion­ally awarded wine maker, Simone Bergese, to lead your team through a truly mem­o­rable expe­ri­ence with an exclu­sive tour through his wine mak­ing facil­ity where he’ll divulge his secrets in a fun and infor­ma­tive atmos­phere. The tour will con­clude with a pri­vate tast­ing of his wines where he’ll describe his approach and inten­tions in each of the 6 wines tasted.

$30 per per­son, min­i­mum charge $500 if less than 15 peo­ple attend, dura­tion 1 hour

The Elite Tour
The Elite Win­ery Tour is the most engag­ing and infor­ma­tive tour expe­ri­ence offered at Chateau Élan. The tour is guided by the wine­maker or an exec­u­tive staff mem­ber. This infor­ma­tive tour takes guests through the vine­yard where they will have the oppor­tu­nity to see the vines and grapes up close and learn about our grape grow­ing process. Guests will then tour the win­ery where an exclu­sive bar­rel tast­ing will take place, expe­ri­enc­ing one of our wines right out of the bar­rel while it is aging. After­wards, a pri­vate tast­ing of 6 of Chateau Élan’s wines will be tasted, paired with locally made arti­san cheeses. The tast­ing is fun and infor­ma­tive, unrav­el­ing all the curiosi­ties of the wine world.

$500 set up fee and $50 per per­son, dura­tion 1 and a half hour (weather per­mit­ting, only offered from May – September)

The Win­ery
Wine Mar­ket
Wine Tast­ing Bar
Daily Tours & Tastings

Wine Mar­ket Hours
Sun-​Thu 11 am — 7 pm
Fri-​Sat 11 am — 10 pm

Geor­gia law pro­hibits wine sales before 12:30 pm on Sun­day.

Closed on Christmas Day.
Subject to private functions.

Wine Mar­ket Con­tact
T: 678425-​0900 x 6354
E: onlinewinesales@​chateauelan.​com

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